"Madeline's training and experience as a practicing artist fuels her unique perspective to consulting and collecting. She is a superb consultant with tremendous knowledge of art and a great eye and vision for collecting and assembling collections."

Eric McKissack
Chief Executive Officer
Channing Capital Management

"Madeline's input and guidance truly captured the essence of all the aspects the Chicago Park District envisioned. She and her staff and selected suppliers were incredibly efficient and dependable in meeting deadlines and doing all that was asked. Madeline gives new meaning to being professional."

Gwendolyn Rogers
Former Administrator
Chicago Park District

"Madeline has been a complete pleasure to work with. Not only has she helped us, she has taught us the art of buying fine art. It has truly been an educational experience for my husband and the staff as well as me. We all now look at art in a totally new way."

Sylvia and Eddie C. Brown
Brown Capital Management Inc.
Baltimore, MD

"Through her grace and professionalism Madeline creates an atmosphere in which only good things can happen. I look forward to working with Madeline on other projects."

Dawoud Bey

​"Madeline is great because when she says something, it will happen exactly as she said it would happen.  We love her and she knows the industry and is a consonant professional."  

McArthur Binion



"There are no surprises when working with Murphy Rabb. Madeline intuitively knows where my work will look the best, so when she calls I know she knows I am the artist for the project. It will be a win-win for the client, Madeline the consultant and me the artist. We will all be pleased with the outcome. No glitches. Everything is always beautifully organized. She is such a professional."

Maren Hassinger